Whenever Jesus stretched His arms out

And shadow formed a cross.

Suppose He then considered that

One day He would suffer  loss?



And that day would mean salvation for

Every soul on earth?

Every soul believing, accepting

The Virgin birth.



Deity, The God incarnate, gift to

Sons of Adam all

Who would listen obeying Jesus’

Dying, Heavenly call!



Truly possible!  Jesus’ wisdom then

Amazed all the wise ones there

With knowledge well beyond His years,

Mere boy, but brilliant beyond compare.



Age 12 can we consider that

Dreaming, He spotted that hill?

A hill portending anything that

Could make His heart stand still?



With abject terror considering the possibility

Of one day suffering on that hill for sinners such as we!

Then later on a hill-top high, His heart cries out for all

Who did not love God, over all, who could hear the call?



To all sinners, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest!”

Many ways to travel through life.  My way is the best!

“True promise of Heaven, I give to all who follow Me;

I am making it possible, as I die on a cross tree!”



“I will become sin.  I will take it all,

Since wages of sin is death.

You need not die, believe this truth,

A promise of heavenly breath!”



The breath of Heaven, this alone

Can avail, since Adam’s fall.

As we have come short way, short of God’s Glory,

Surely applying to all!



Delight!  Be glad, for what we see

Beyond this veil of tears

A land of promise!  That supersedes all

Conquering all our fears!



the Sam, who—what am!  02.13.12


The chopping block, the guillotine,

The noose, electric chair,

The burning at the stake.  There

Was nothing to compare—



To the torture of the cross, with

Its nails, its constant pain.

Six hours plus, of torture, like,

Over and over again.



Did he have to take the punishment?

Or die on strangling breath?

(The consequence of death, of course,

“Sin’s wages,” you know, death!)



Of course He had to die (in sin)

Not His but yours and mine! (*)

The substitutionary work

Could only be Divine!



Deity, the cross of shame, (**)

What more could any ask?

He took the torture and the shame.

Now we can have a blast?



No!  Believe on Him!  Requirement!

What more could man desire?

Well, Satan too, believes on Him

And he is consigned to fire!



Believe and accept!  Rejoice in Him!

You cannot less acclaim!

How can you not rejoice, be glad?

He took your sin and shame!






(*)  He was sinless!

(**) Not just the pain, the shame!



Sam Cox 03.10.04


Contingent upon nothing!  God’s Word does not comply

To sophisticated finesse or try to pacify

The arrogance of fledglings who claim to know it all,

Who trip on that stumbling block where Christ is all in all!



He is certainly a good man!  But then how could that be?

For was He not a liar in His claim to Deity?

Liar or good man?  Neither one for He was (is) God!

All His words and works proved that He was Lord of Lords!



King of Kings, who, in His love, proved true majesty!

Dying on the cross for all, setting captives free!

“A prophet, like, Mohammed…” oh please, give me a break!

“Mohammeds’ bones are on display.”  So Jesus was a fake?



Our Savior left the tomb complete, ascended to the throne!

“I go to my Father,” He said, and He was not alone.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the Three in One, all there!

The Blessed Trinity!  One God, the fairest of the fair!



Miracle of miracles, completeness, blest Trinity!

God gave His Son, Jesus died, the Spirit comes to me.

Look about you, miracles!  In everything you see!

And you will see another in God’s Eternity!



(“Who (Jesus) for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross;

despising the shame, and is now at the right hand of God,”)



Sam Cox 03.04.04


Stars, the Heavenly bodies’ shining fair!

Did Eternal One have in mind;

Neptune, Jupiter, way out there?

And closer Mars well defined!



By some, no not me!  I have no ax to grind.

I just exist on smaller earth!

Few smaller some may find.



Fading out the moon may have been

A planet eons ago!

I make no claims, what does

This country boy know?



But developing interest, I admit, as

On a time I did think

Hell, would have to bigger, much!

With so many on the brink!



Hitlerites to name a few million

Seclusive unbelievers all!

Whoever hated God enough to,

With other maggots crawl!



Defining in part God haters!

And not just in heathen lands!

Many who crucified Jesus!

Pretending to understand!



Godly nations filled with ungodly people,

Heathendom well defined!

One considered; earthly people stink!

Nose in air, so refined!



Claiming much!  Believing so little

Knowing even less!

Considering all those inventions

My stupidity, sure I will confess!



Yet without knowledge of Deity

How can I be any better?

I know but do not tell that

Not doing the latter.



Go!  Preach the Gospel everywhere!

The Christ’s last command!

Are we stupid?  Just do not understand?



Disciples understood!  Even the doubting one,

To India, Mar Thomas still tell

Of Thomas, no longer doubting, showing

The way from blazing Hell!



The Sam 1-2014

A bright sunny day in in January


The way to the God we nailed to a cross,

Tender mercies denied!

Chose a path of painful death but saved

By the One crucified!