“Foxes haves holes; birds have nests.”

But The Son of Man has not!

Has not a place to lay His head,

Though in need weary oft!



I left my home in heaven above!

Took on a servants strain

To lift, to serve, what then?  To die?

A God for sinners slain!



I knew no sin though tempted strong!

As Man I suffered loss!

Then as Christ for sinners slain!

Troubled oft tempest tossed!



“Peace, be still,” for storm and wave.

The elements obeyed!

Man alone with stubborn will,

Resists then sore dismayed!



Humbled some have come to Me,

To resist no more.

Submitted then to cruel death

To bring some safe to shore.



For I so loved this hell-bent world…

The crucifixion scene

Became a grim reality not

Just a dreaded dream.



I did my utmost, not up to you!

Your deal must accept!

What I have done for all mankind

Personalize this concept!



Just accept as simple as that.

Accepting My death as your own!

Dies as a sinner, (sins punishment!

I took it alone!)



(Jesus speaking)



by Sam Cox a sinner 11.06.10


Yes, born for death! But did He know?

Destined to die to Calvary go?

From early childhood, yes, He knew!

Shadow formed a cross as He grew.



No, not a victim, not a martyr,

Not an accident, not a barter,

Born to die! Went willingly!

Heaven’s decree His destiny!



A shadow fell but did He flinch?

Contained, refused to give an inch.

He knew it was not His time to die!

Like, in perspective you and I!



“His name shall be Jesus. He shall save…” (*)

He was born to die! He came, He gave!

Wrapped Himself in service, He lived…

His death in plain view… “I forgive!”



That is why He died for your sins and mine!

Deity, we call Him, Divine,

More than divine, yet as man He came

Jesus they called Him. Jesus, His name!



“For He shall save.” Comfortless, He

Drew nearer the cross, for you and me.

For our salvation this price He paid!

Born to die! His pure life He gave!



Who is this man who made history?

Dying to make all mankind free?

Who is this man? This is history!

But truly lives now for you and me!



Why did He go? Forget the pain,

The agony! Just why was He slain?

You know why He died! Just do not forget!

Where God and sinner and Jesus met!



Oh, God! I am that sinner, forgive I pray!

Not worthy to gaze on your feet today!

Your bleeding side, your hands, your head!

Your eyes so sad for me you bled!



Responsible He was! He kept

His word, where saint and sinner met!

His life He gave for me and He died

That cruel death! Was crucified!



(*) Matthew 1:21



Sam Cox 12.25.04

Sat. Christmas Day