Whenever Jesus stretched His arms out

And shadow formed a cross.

Suppose He then considered that

One day He would suffer  loss?



And that day would mean salvation for

Every soul on earth?

Every soul believing, accepting

The Virgin birth.



Deity, The God incarnate, gift to

Sons of Adam all

Who would listen obeying Jesus’

Dying, Heavenly call!



Truly possible!  Jesus’ wisdom then

Amazed all the wise ones there

With knowledge well beyond His years,

Mere boy, but brilliant beyond compare.



Age 12 can we consider that

Dreaming, He spotted that hill?

A hill portending anything that

Could make His heart stand still?



With abject terror considering the possibility

Of one day suffering on that hill for sinners such as we!

Then later on a hill-top high, His heart cries out for all

Who did not love God, over all, who could hear the call?



To all sinners, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest!”

Many ways to travel through life.  My way is the best!

“True promise of Heaven, I give to all who follow Me;

I am making it possible, as I die on a cross tree!”



“I will become sin.  I will take it all,

Since wages of sin is death.

You need not die, believe this truth,

A promise of heavenly breath!”



The breath of Heaven, this alone

Can avail, since Adam’s fall.

As we have come short way, short of God’s Glory,

Surely applying to all!



Delight!  Be glad, for what we see

Beyond this veil of tears

A land of promise!  That supersedes all

Conquering all our fears!



the Sam, who—what am!  02.13.12


Malefactor doomed in the eyes of civilized citizenry.

Thief, killer, outlaw, crucified on a rough hewn cross tree!

A Roman cross, oh yes, I did it!  I am guilty as accused!

Why did I?  Oh agony, it hurts!  Please let me die and be free!



What is this another cross, another killer?  So quiet now!

What is that, His bloody face?  A circle of thorns on His brow?

Those eyes they look at me as if to say, “Yes, so full of sin!”

No!  This cannot be!  Those sad eyes cry out, “I cannot sin allow!”



“My sin You mean?”  “Yes, and all the sins of the sinful world.”

The Christ?  Come down, a third cross, like, ugly serpent curled.

I cried out in rage, “Oh, stupid one!  This man is innocent!”

The Christ?  The Christ!  A wild burst of colors, like, banners unfurled!



I see it all now!  Please remember me!  Guilty though I be!

My sins are on Him laid, the sinless One, He dies now for me!

“Remember me (one for whom You die) when You come.”

Through blood He smiles and nods, “This day…”  Oh bliss!  I am forever free!



(This poem may not be beautiful but neither is the cross!

The thief’s only baptism was a baptism of pain, to stretch a point,

but God saved him anyhow!  Hallelujah!)



Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful and my song shall ever be.

Oh now marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Saviors love for me!

A hymn by Charles H. Gabriel composed in 1800’s.



Sam Cox 03.18.03

Just another thief saved by Grace


Great is The Lord!  Can any be greater?

Worthy of praise, cannot you see?

The rocks and trees would cry out to honor

If man will not stoop, bend the knee!



Maker of all space, the galaxies

Endless by Him contained!

Then made the man in His own image!

Beasts of the fields remain.



Man alone can boast everlasting!

Created to walk with God!

As Enoch who “walked with God, and was not,

“For God took him,” aloft!



Who else is perfect?  None of this earth.

Jesus, God’s Son, stands alone

Perfect Lamb of God, man’s sacrifice!

Who else could for sin atone?



At one with God, “Through the blood of the Lamb.”

As pictured in Old Testament days

That lamb representing the Lamb of God

Whose blood was spilt for our ways.



Our sinful ways, guilty!  Each one

Everyone sheer bound for hell!

Has Lucifer won?  No!  Jesus shed blood

Once applied can make all well!



Not an over simplification this!  For

“Without the shedding of blood

There is no remission for sin,” at all!

Give thanks for the crimson flood.



Truly flood it seemed for in days long past

Animals sacrificed.

Represented the sins of every nature all

Contained on that cross tree.



Contained at last blood of The Lamb!

The Lamb of God who took

Every sin making possible that

All we need do is look!



Look to The Lamb for cleansing from sin.

Appropriate!  This He has done!

Whatever fluid representing His blood

Completed for everyone!



This is the blood of Christ, God’s Son,

To cleanse from unrighteousness

And fit us for heaven!  All who partake!

As we, our sins, confess!



“If we confess our sins, He is faithful

And just to forgive and cleanse…”

And “the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s

Son, cleanses us from all unrighteousness.”



Sam Cox  06.04.10


No matter how perfect the situation

There is always some fly in the soup.

I should have learned that a long time ago

Before I, like, flew the coop!



Contrariwise whatever the picture

A straightening can be done.

Something that can be learned from it all

Then back to, like, having fun!



Or whatever your posture was before

Not to say, fun is bad!

Work makes for better accomplishment!

Best antidote for sad!



Deliverance from evil, “Thine is the Kingdom,”

Power, glory forever!

While I am struggling, God is protecting

And will He leave me?  Never!



That is not to say that I am close to perfection,

Can perfection ever be?

Nearest I can get to that station is

When He is close to me!



But then has He not promised to never leave?

Keeps that promise, it is true!

So if it should seem that He is far away

The one who has left is you!



There is only one way to get back to Him,

Since I am the recalcitrant one,

I need kneel at that cross!  Sob at His feet!

God’s one crucified Son!



They surely foresaw Him crucified in the

Old Testament days long past.

Job’s prediction, “I know My Redeemer lives!

And I will see Him at last!” (*)



What then about my Savior and Lord?

I now see Him suffering for me

It is not pity alone, though He took my place

On that cruel cross tree!



Will my ardor for Him ever cool down?

Of course!  Just humanity!

So prone to forget until I see that cross

And know what He did for me!



(*) Job 19:23-27 read it



Me 05.25.10


The tumult, the tears, Golgotha spread wide,

The horror, the rocks, the bleak mountainside!

The only way that Christ chose decisively

That frightful cross, it was for you and me!



His body so racked with suffering and pain!

And how could He tolerate the sorrow, the shame?

Priests so determined, their self-righteous cries,

“He claimed to be God, yes!  For this He dies!”



“If You are who You claim then come down from that tree!”

But He gazed down on them in sorrow, piteously!

The Pharisees (religious) many did not come.

Did any receive?  Yes, truly there were some!



“Save Yourself and us!”  Cried the thieves on either side.

“Father forgive them!  So long they have been denied!”

Soldier gazing upward no longer was he bored,

“Surely,” he exclaimed, “This is the Son of God!”



Mary and John close by comforting each other,

Their relationship much more like, son and mother.

Yes, Mary well knew that her son must die! (*)

She leaned into John, there were tears in her eyes.



The tears were for her sons suffering that day!

Together they ignored the earth splitting quake!

The priests, in terror, fled screaming from that place.

“It is finished!”  The Lord cried, while on His face–



Through the grim blackness a lone light shone

On my God!  On a cross tree, dying alone. (**)

No!  No!  Not the end!  They buried Him!  He arose!

Over five hundred saw Him alive!  His church grows!



(*)   But the cruel cross!

(**) My tears near hid my type.



S H Cox 10.24.05


When Jesus was born in that manger

Did any expect to see

Christ Jesus, the Savior of mankind,

Hanging from a cross tree?



Or anticipate the trouble felt

By disciples just learning to walk

Stumbling along in their sinful way

Listening while Jesus taught?



And did they anticipate God’s heart

Breaking in sending His Son

To die the torturous death He died?

Did they think that anyone?



On earth was near worthy of that price?

We threw it back in His face.

But He died for mankind anyway,

How can we measure Grace?



The measure is found when He rose from death!

When hundreds saw Him alive.

The same who had seen Him on the cross

The same we had crucified!



Sam Cox 3.23.05


Yes, “Jesus, wept,” is weeping still.

Watch Him sobbing on that hill.

Jerusalem in darkness lies.

He sees the city, sees the cries.



He sees my city, He sees yours,

The tempting shadow that allures.

He whispers softly, “Come to me…”

I see Him hang on that cross tree.



I do not want to hang there ever

That would only comfort sever.

The ‘Man of Sorrows’ what a name

For the Son of God who came.



Ruined sinners to reclaim

Sinful wild offspring to tame!

Yet crucified with Christ I am

Unless I am a wayward lamb.



Sure, I must die if I would win.

I know He suffers for my sin

He weeps, He dies, how can I not

My life lay down, erase that blot!



So “Crucified with Christ,” I see

Eternal future, victory.

Yet see the Savior weeping still

Father comforts while oceans fill.



Will ever love and sorrow meet?

Only when we stand complete

And weep no more as Jesus’ bride

We are safe to evermore reside.


On Heavens shore The Tempter gone

Forever lake of fire borne.

Where he belongs no comfort zone

No pity! He will not be alone!



Sam Cox 12.28.04