Raised in India, British parents,

But American controlled.

Citizen fought in W. W. II!

As First Scout, leading patrol!



Many the scary ventures contained

Death-wish, do you suppose?

Stood down on a path, enemy in plain view!

Planted grenade, to propose!



Thinking that they may want it later

And they did!  I stayed awake!

Over the snoring I heard creeping feet,

Tossed the grenade.  What a break!



Both exploded, as I had hoped,

Someone exclaimed, “It is just Sam.”

I heard scraping as though being dragged,

Not a blink of sleep for this man!



“Move out!”  Order given, next day

“Where?”  No one around could see!

“Just follow us!  Trail ahead will take…”

“Where?”  Left to Squad Leader and me!



I had fixed my bullion and coffee,

Others opened their cans,

My liquid diet, after six months,

I had lost 30 pounds!



I had prayed for protection, as before,

Habit, I guess, but God heard.

Look, I am 93, think there is still more?

Up to nature,  not disturbed!



For me, God is still under-girding as

I keep praying for strength!

But not presuming as before

Heaven awaits at length!



Presumptuous presumably, no, no!  For sure!

But “I go to prepare a place…”

All He has done for me these many years!

As I have walked, “Saved by Grace!”



the Sam 02.07.12


Never heard of such a thing! Africa perhaps,

But here impossible!

No, Sam! I saw what I saw here, Philippine’s!

If hungry enough, probable!



“These people were all well-armed, I saw!

Was nothing I could do,

All alone, no weapons at hand!

Just snuck off from that zoo!”



“Sam, it was horrible, legs wired up,

On a spit, juice spattering, too!

They drooling hungrily, one turning spit!”

Man being turned, one of you!



I could of imagined that so not too alarmed!

We had left a lot unburied.

Man can live off his fat just so long,

Too long, too far to be carried.



We know Jesus fasted 40 days,

Four or six was my limit!

Bullion not a whole lot of eating,

And coffee, no need to skimp it!



Small wonder I am scarfing a lot since then!

Since one was like 200 lbs.

But back to the bullion and coffee binge,

Five of us left safe and sound!



Filipino boy requested my presence

On this what, wild goose chase?

But why pick on me? My wild look and beard?

Guess I was one frightening case!



Maybe my tommy gun is what he liked,

Wild the looks of that piece

That I could now them down with one blurp (*)

Or maybe 2 blurps at least!



Turned him down! Told him, “I am too tired!

Come on, kid, been six months!

Been fighting too long, want to go home!

Had more that my share of lumps!”



Wild man I then lay down and slept,

Pillow? Cover? What is that?

Protector, why does He care about me?

One day I may wear a hat!



One day, did God have that day in mind?

This simple fool, He cared?

Trusted to guide him every step!

So trust Him! Oh, yes, I would dare!



(*) Blurp – triple fast series of shots.



Sam Cox 11.5.08