Considering the normal, I am poor!

Except for God’s rich blessings!

Oh yes, He blesses daily with

Fine treasures I am confessing.

The need for more each day as I

Reach out for His Presence.

That Presence that He visits now

It is His very essence!

My mind He fills with thoughts each day!

Of course, I will do His bidding!

I wish to write them down to share

Thoughts humble confiding.

What God has called you to do, do it!

Without expecting blessings!

Remuneration eventually

Up there! In white robe dressing!

What better payment can be had?

Hear His kind voice saying,

“Enter now the joys of heaven

These treasures you have been laying…”

‘It is life Eternal now, all yours!’

What more can this sinner ask

To be with God forever more!

And in His presence bask!

Gratefully, Sam Cox 4.20.05


The fog moves in and shadows fall.

One cannot see the sun at all.

It is so complete in hiding out

Can hardly see the trees about!



It does not mean the trees are not there,

They are where man planted them everywhere!

Though we cannot see the sun we know

It just cannot penetrate below.



Through all this fog that shifts about,

But it is all there it will not fade out!

And when those clouds have rolled away

It leaves to us a brighter day.



Sometimes, I fear, when shadows fall

That God cannot hear my plea at all.

Seems constant and the clouds just sit

The dark is still there, the fog will not lift.



Well, what would you know, I see a light!

Now would not you know the sun is too bright!

It is way too hot, will not fade away!

Sure wish the fog would roll this way!



So how are you going to please them all?

When will The Lord make the right call?

His blessings flow!  The sun shines bright

But still we are glad for clouds and the night!



Sam Cox 06.07.04


Jesus is all!  He is everything to me!

Led me through many hardships past!

Present is perfect because He lives within

In spite of added hardships, it will last.



Jesus is all and in all, you have heard,

Can it be He lives where there is sin?

Sin He became when he took upon Himself

Your sin and mine and cleansed within!



Nothing we have done to merit or deserve

His matchless mercy or His love!

Totally free because He loves us so!

Justified, forgiven leading above!



Imputation, liked I never sinned at all!

Jesus’ righteousness now bestowed!

Redeemed, justified!  Adoption complete!

“Child of God,” through Him blessing flow!



Now I am His son!  Grateful!  Oh, so glad

That He followed until He captured me.

All the pain and shame He bore on that cross,

Know only God could make that tree…



(Or any tree, because He loves us so

And that is why I love Him!!)



Sam Cox 11.04.05


Foreknowledge, of course God knows it all,

Where you are going, where you have been,

Long before your parents seed.  He

Knew you, yes, born in sin.



Born in sin from Adam’s failure,

Provision made for our return,

Christ’s sacrifice is our salvation!

We yield to Him and start to learn!



So much to learn, anticipation!

Christ would have us learn from Him!

Led on by the Holy Spirit,

Anticipates freedom from sin!



Anticipate His promised blessings!

Guidance, joy, provision made,

Every need supplied, believe it!

He wants you to make the grade!



His expectation for your freedom!

From the tentacles of shame!

It was our shame He took to Calvary

And He then assumed the blame!



God’s foreknowledge long beforehand

Saw you safe on heaven’s shore!

It was His anticipation

Expecting us forevermore!



His foreknowledge, expectation,

Wanted you to meet Him there!

And His Will is never thwarted!

Anticipates you!  Of course He cares!



Sam Cox 9.14.05


My mother’s prayers how precious!

Followed me through life!

Continued on after she died

Alleviating strife!



Those prayers she prayed so powerful,

Bathed with her tears and cry’s

Continued even after her death,

No longer tearful eyes!



While bullets thudded, hissed, and sang

Around and over me

Bombs blasted shrapnel all around

A fist-sized piece hit the tree—



Just a foot above my head

And landed on my knee.

It was passed around for everyone

To handle and to see!



That is why my tag, Sky Pilot

And Padre got around.

Along with other narrow scrapes,

They thought me heaven bound.



Preacher, one Jewish boy, bragged,

“I am atheist even now

With bullets flying all around!”

How long would God allow?



So mother’s prayers have followed,

Oh, yes!  I know it is true!

My feet are planted firmly

And blessings now accrue!



How can I help but pray for my

Kids and all the grand’s?

And, of course, the grand kids, too. (*)

Obeying God’s command!



I cannot quit this prayer life

Nor am I so inclined!

Must keep on raising upward

To hold my peace of mind!



Somehow by faith I see God’s hand

Continues His work!

And since He is working in each life

I cannot ever shirk!



It is my responsibility

As a parent, this I know,

As my mother’s prayers have followed me

No other way to go!



Kids remember you are prayed for!

Just one way for you now,

No place for you but heaven!

You will!  You must allow!



Must allow God’s working in you!

Say, yes!  Yes to His Will!

Grandma and grandpa (great)

Are praying for you still!



(*) Sorry forgot the great-grand’s but not in prayers!



Sam Cox 8.13.05


We meet again at evening

When the eastern sky is red.

He is with me then much later

Just before I go to bed.



He is with me as I tarry,

Before go to sleep,

And as I pray for blessings

On all my kids to keep.



To keep them ever happy

Trusting in The Lord,

Secure in the knowledge

That they are adored!



Secure in understanding

His love for each of them.

That He will not forsake and

That He will not condemn.



To understand His blessings

So that later in life

They can cope with their trials

And the advent of strife.



To so cope with their trials

That they can later see

That for a real purpose

They were really meant to be!



To strengthen and enable

The spirit, soul, to do

Whatever God would have them

To make them strong and true!



The growing process heightens

As they older grow!

Nor do the trials lighten

This they need to know!



But interspersed with trials

Are blessings every day!

That only come by trusting

And believing as we stay—



Remaining in His presence

Knowing heaven is not yet

But once we reach that glory

All past troubles we will forget!



So it pays to keep on trusting!

Just trusting in The Lord!

For our final goal is heaven!

To miss we cannot afford!



Miss what?  The only city in

Which we were made to dwell.

Will not miss it if we trust Him

And love Him!  Forget Hell!



Sam Cox 6.24.05


Jesus, my Lord, my everything!

Deliverer, Savior, my God, and King.

Comforter, Healer! Giving me joy!

Blessedness how can any destroy?



Only when actively taking the place,

Of a thankful heart, saved by Grace.

Grace only! How can anyone earn?

Happy the person who cannot this discern!



Works cannot count for blessedness!

Boasting over works, sure, soon must confess,

To a conscious pride, making it less

Than effective for God cannot bless.



That boastful expression proud feeling

Of even considered evil concealing.

Feeling of better than others who give

“Less than I,” sure, any Christian who lives!



Giving less forgetting, words Christ said,

“She has given more!” Even her bread!

And from her frugality giving far more,

Than many who have more can afford!



But what can I give? Nothing have I,

Gave when I had it now waiting to die!

Gave until it hurt, then the hurt no more!

Than many who have to give to the poor.



Need nothing now. Have a wife how cares!

Father provides rich blessings shares.

Closer to Him I get, less I require!

Closer to Him I get, less I desire!



So much I lack but there’s one thing more,

Who have I helped to reach that shore?

We as His witnesses. Suppose my life

Tells the story of freedom from strife?



Dear Lord, I’m praying, keep me true!

So that when I find,nothing to do!

I will do it, sure, joyfully!

Until death, keep my true!



Still writing poems (plus) every week,

Distribute to those with hands out to seek.

Enjoying the reading, of course, why not.

Mostly, good reading is all I have got!



80 copies of each, cannot handle much more.

Wife helps distribute, I just sit by the door

Hand them out. They smile and receive,

Wife’s special recipients, thankful. Not deceived.



They do like them, sure, I’m encouraged!

What truly is it, makes my heart sing?

God wants me to do it. Think I know why.

Because I enjoy!



the Sam 10.22.11