No thought of God can ever be

As life changing as Calvary!

Of course, He made man and the process, too!

True love, sure, they know what to do!



God made that child a true miracle!

Cannot blame glands or a follicle!

A touch not merely compatible

Resulting in fingers prehensile!



Surely God loves us, contrastingly

Far above anything we can see!

And in the frame that He made us in,

Cannot be construed as sin!



Adam and Eve begat a Cain

Then an Able, later slain!

In sin we were conceived, yes, true,

But what is a person ever to do?



Jesus showed us that cross on a hill!

Sinners saved by Grace!  Truly his will!

“Conceived in Liberty,” true also!

Christian the liberty, we know!



In dedication to Calvary’s Cross

No, we can never suffer loss!

What God intended  multiply!

When sanctified by marriage, not a lie!



When sanctified above marriage vows,

Cannot be wrong, it is what God allows!

In fact, condones and multiplies!



What is the difference?  Let me explain.

A vow binds, means God is in the lane

Depending on Him to bless the home,

Says, you are not thinking of going alone.



Big difference between love and lust!

Sure, life-long commitment!

Not rust to dust!

When God is at center cannot go wrong!

Make Him your centerpiece!  Sing the song!



the Sam  02.25.12


Easy to spot the Christian who,

In his self-centeredness,

Sees only avoidance of sin!

Sees no one to bless!



His avoidance inadvertently

Of everyone else

His eyes on the ground, never to look

Upward!  Just self!



Why cannot we be proud we love Jesus?

Look on that cross there!

At work, at play admittedly,

Do not I even care?



Admittedly sure not ashamed

I serve a living Lord!

Some may scoffingly ask and who is that?

Only One can afford–



To love us all!  For His children we

So often, full of hate!

Lusting instead of love; only

Self to satiate!



Lust, self love, the difference all know!

Inordinately is hate

Everyone else breathing the air

Just will not accommodate.



Love each other, for love is of God!

He who does not love

Cannot love God for He is complete in

His purest, above.



All for when unselfish complete!

Can be nothing I see,

Except so close to the Only One

Who gave His life for me.



God is love!  And he who loves not, knows

Not, the only One.

Who is purest love who gave His life

My God.  God the Son!



And He is my Father!



the Sam 2.15.12


Considering the normal, I am poor!

Except for God’s rich blessings!

Oh yes, He blesses daily with

Fine treasures I am confessing.

The need for more each day as I

Reach out for His Presence.

That Presence that He visits now

It is His very essence!

My mind He fills with thoughts each day!

Of course, I will do His bidding!

I wish to write them down to share

Thoughts humble confiding.

What God has called you to do, do it!

Without expecting blessings!

Remuneration eventually

Up there! In white robe dressing!

What better payment can be had?

Hear His kind voice saying,

“Enter now the joys of heaven

These treasures you have been laying…”

‘It is life Eternal now, all yours!’

What more can this sinner ask

To be with God forever more!

And in His presence bask!

Gratefully, Sam Cox 4.20.05


Will heaven enthrone kings of all tribes

And will there be crowns enough?

Do not bother this guy with such details

Crowns, robes all such stuff!



Crown is the symbol of top honor

All Saints will be honored there!

The least of all saints may show greatest

Nothing earth shows will compare!



What most of us think as important

Not fanfare, medals and such.

“Dear God, will you just let me in, please?”

Just being there almost too much!



But mercy and grace are much greater!

Matchless love is what I see.

Just how can you be sure old man?

His Grace far enough for me!



Yes, I am old and I am certain

I am close enough there to know.

The cleaning crew, if they have such,

Far better than Kingship below!



No cleanup detail, not needed there!

Stuffing oneself not for me.

Do not know if eating is involved at all,

Just have to wait and see!



As spirits we will know everything.

“Glorified body,” what is that?

What I think, there will be no restrictions

To Neptune in nothing flat!



Why Neptune?  Is limitless space not enough?

I believe that is what heaven involves

From here to Pincus #99,

Weightless, problem solved.



Existential is that near close enough?

No everlasting I will be!

In glorified body or spirit there

The heavens in heaven I will see!



So I will spend a millennium trying to figure

But time is no factor at all!

With Jesus there to inspire and bless

His presence alone will enthrall!



Ole’ Sam  06.03.10


I love you, Lord, and I lift my voice

In praise to You. You were my last choice.

Sure, I tried the world, there were many things

That I loved and lost, like birds on the wing!



With flattering words and undulating forms

Hiding vanity, subtlety hidden thorns.

“Come and go with me!” They said and I went.

I awoke in time, they were not heaven-sent.



I remembered my vows, found a girl who cared.

Made a life with her that we gladly shared.

Through thick and thin, mostly it was thin,

But we always felt that through Christ we would win.



Everywhere we found hungry souls who came,

Not a lot, but we went in Jesus’ name!

He never left us, was near all the time,

Often times unfaithful but when I would align–



And return to His side, He would always receive

And renew me and bless! Oh yes! I believe!

How can I doubt when He walked by me side?

Sometimes through darkness but still as my guide.



I will never forsake Him, though dark clouds should hide

His face for a time. I know He will abide

By my side, by our side, my wife and I

And take us both to Heaven when we die!



Of course we were not worthy but depending on Him

Who “will never leave us” through brightness or dim.

Through sunshine or shadows whatever we go,

He will always be with us! His Word tells us so!



“I will never leave thee not forsake thee…”



Sam Cox 3.30.05