“Father, forgive them for they do not know…”

He prayed from that cross for sinner below!

Who tortured, tormented then nailed Him there!

Jesus, who did nothing but show His care!



Untouchables, lepers He touched then and healed!

Could they not know what this action revealed?

The great God who heals, who raises the dead!

“Only wise God provides us with bread.”



Provides us with comfort, rest, when required.

Mary and John from that cross inspired,

“Behold thy Son!  Receive they mother!”

Brothers and sisters with one another.



Saw Him raise Lazarus, how could they not know?

This Jesus was God’s Son sent down to show

That believing on Him would mean their salvation!

As prophesied since Adam’s creation.



His seed should bruise the ‘Serpents head’

As man’s heel shall be bruised instead.

As the struggle continues, we against Satan, contend!

Victory is ours, Satan’s loss in the end!



With God deciding, how can we lose?

Just one way to lose when it is loss you choose.

But why would anyone chose such an end?

Understandably loss without a friend!



But we have a friend in Jesus we see

His promise He keeps, “I will never leave thee!”

Any separation, you can surely tell.

Say yes to Satan, he will take you to Hell!



Sam Cox 07.06.10


Every day through eternity.

Visit to planets you and me.

Way far apart but no problem there

As spirits we fly!  For just half-fare.



For 95 years as spirits we know

With angels we get where we must go!

Like now not to keep angels awaiting!

In a flash there no hesitating!



Now brighten that corner where you are!

Traversing a continent not very far.

Light years it would take, like, running down here

Just think it, nothing to fear!



Spirit clothing nothing to fear

Immortality even down here!

Garments to last ever and a day

It is what I hear the angels say!



We folk can hear things as age 95,

Young folk cannot though they may strive.

Angel keeps whispering in my ear

Death just a transition!  You have nothing to fear!



Not that I am fearing death at all

Gasping for breath, not the call.

Resting, life, off more like truth!

Enter eternity, heavens booth!



Booth is wide everlasting the space

No ending eternal it is in God’s Grace!

Way before Adam then forevermore

All space to investigate that is Heaven’s Shore!



Impossible to fathom just who then

Can understand inevitable or contend

The transition to everlasting

At His command!



Did God make beauty we see


So imagine what God’s Heaven is like

Once we all get there!



See the Sam there!



Coda conflict; tragedy gone for evermore

Once safe on the Heavenly Shore!


These saints of God, overcomers, have “overcome the world.”

Aiming for a better land, by Spirit they are controlled.

Not all, I think, some mope around seeming not to care

Or understand, they are reborn.  Their names are written “There.”



“If we confess…” He faithfully forgives all our sins.

Contented now in servitude to Him who lives within.

Then Jesus speaks, “You are My friends, if you follow through.

As earnestly you are seeking My best desires for you.”



Oh, yes, I confessed a lot before deliverance came.

It seems I sinned a lot.  I could not place the blame

On anyone, on Adams’ sins, I stood there all alone.

You see it was for me that He died to atone!



Can it be my mother’s’ prayers supported through it all?

Through many churches that I pastored obeying every call.

Calls to move or stay there.  Not always easy then,

He provided when He said, “Move” I just asked, “Where/when?”



Before that war, South Sea Islands called and it was rough!

Eating little, dodging bullets, you know, I called their bluff.

Actually, I knew it was God!  He answered mother’s prayers!

They did their best to kill me, but now I know God cares!



I know it now!  I realize I was no kind of saint!

Retired now, bad habits gone, but still a saint I ain’t.

But as a believer, guess I am.  Sainthood cannot escape.

I am aimed for heaven, the happy sounds soon to resonate.



Upon my tears within my heart consuming with delight!

Filling every pore with sound and happiness so bright!

Continuing this insane pace throughout eternity!

Insane compares to earth’s slow go of mediocrity!



Never mediocre!  The sheer force of joy sublime

Comparable to difference between sinner and the Divine!

The glow of God encompassing us forevermore.

Are not you glad you are bound for that forever shore?



S H Cox 10.25.05


Above Darjeeling but highest spot on this earth of ours,

Himalayan mountains covering Tibet and that hill, of course,

Mount Everest!  Then 200 feet lower appearing, higher Kanchenjunga!

Appearing higher as it was nearer to that church overlooking the Jungah!

From that church high on that hill we could admire the two of them,

Snow covered decidedly; challenge to climb, to win acclaim.

I tempted not, many died trying, temptation the fame!

Acclaim of other men amounts to what?

To the winners, some large and some not,

Many the large!  What in the now conspires!

Devastating defeat could wish I had not tried!

Those tears of remorse, could wish I could hide!

A trouper, I recalled, would, like, practice every day

And then when he lost, just had nothing to say

But tearful at night in the bed, secrecy.

This I observed!  No, it was not the me,

I was the winner in the racing each time!

Training, paratroops, first to cross the line!

Determinations helps and speed!  Oh yes, that too!

Certain sergeant liked to show off, just what he could do,

I beat, was not proud when I looked at him there.

That is when I determined to try out way up there,

Paratroops, of course, with a few others share

Twice the pay!  Sure, that was some incentive!

But slapping the dirt!  Just no preventative!

Then unprecedented activity in heaven we will see!

Visiting all those planets, will take eternity!

Everlasting life for sure, this son will have

Not eternal but everlasting!  Only God has no past!

No past, no beginning.  Do not you know our God always was!

Building our forever, that is not all that He does!

Only God is eternal!  The man beginning had!

Did sin begin with Eve?  Sure, Adam was just as bad,

Condemned to die (the body) no more flesh left to sin!

Just the spirit (soul) will live on and on forever!

We are saved by grace by Christ only through faith, enter in!

the Sam 6.1.14


Before I was ever a thought within my mother’s mind

I was being formed and I was one of a kind!

Born in near perfection except for just one flaw,

The sin that I was born with, one that I never saw.

‘Original’ they call it, into which I was born.

I know now how it happened when innocence was shorn.

‘Can blame it on my parents,’ that dates way back when

Great Grand, a million times, in a garden it was then

When Eve, in disobedience, picked an apple, took a bite,

Then Adam spit the core out, and that started the fight.

The fight against the elements, once they were put out

When weeds sprung up, choked the crops, and one could hear Cain shout

In anger as he pulled those weeds that never should have been,

But that is the way it was.  It all started with sin!

One bright spot is Cain’s brother, who loved the sheep he raised,

Whistled as he herded them and watched them graze!

Why jealousy?  Why anger?  Too deep to recognize

The devils hand in progress, in Abel’s sad demise!

So this was sin, it was called, contributive to me

From which I could never, never, ever be free.

Until I turn it over to God, my Creator,

And Jesus takes it to the cross much, much later!

But know this was God’s thought before the “world’s foundation”

Was, is, and always shall be, way back, since creation!

Abel’s lamb, the lamb slain, (*) The Lamb of God forever!

Offered me!  I accepted, fear of hell?  No longer!



(*)” The Lamb slain before the foundation of the world…” Rev. 13:8



Sam Cox 4.29.05


Just a glance at the blue foreverness

Tells me that God lives on!

No beginning and will never end ever!

My faith established upon!



No signing signature needed there

The clouds are plain to see,

Like, more than a thousand feet out

But blue sky forever-ly!



But the depth of blue sky surely proving

No end!  Forever there!

As God is forever, “No beginning, no end.”

Nothing He cannot do!



He can despise and He can love!

Adam, Eve, Abraham, Samuel,

Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the rest,

All lived out their span.



God’s love forever!  Conditioned never!

Tears in Heaven?  Does God weep?

Surely does!  We read, “Jesus wept,”

For the lost He died to keep!



He suffered loss on hideous cross!

Though it was to our gain!

We die also, but will live forever!

When Christ returns again!



The life that we live now in the flesh,

We live by the faith of God!

Who died that we could live again!

In Heavenly Kingdom above!



With all redeemed, Born Again.

One time I hated His justice,

But now I know truly right!

And if He had not died and what if?



Among the lost souls all, everyone,

Took our sins on a cross!

Assumed penalty, Crucified!

Then believing I am not lost!



SAVED!  Oh, yes!  To the uttermost!

Bound for Heaven country,

Or City of God, do not care which!

Sure both up there I will see!



Live in everlastingly!



The Sam invites! 02.2014