Someday I shall be like Him for I will see Him as He is.

This is not inconceivable the desire is not amiss.



To be more like The Master in thought, in word, and in deed

Is desirable and natural not signifying greed.



For geed is not included in the spirit-fruits we see

Gentleness and kindness these will last eternally.



Patience, love, joy, and peace continue evermore

They litter the fair streets of that everlasting shore!



The brightest smile imaginable will greet you over there

Whether angel or first arrival the greeting will not be rare!



Listen up!  We are bought with the blood of the Savior.

We are justified and cleansed from all debased behavior.



Just as if I had died but God did it for me.

I am cleansed, I am made perfect, I am now forever free!



Was not righteousness imputed to Abraham by faith?

Reconciled and credited, giving then a perfect slate? (*)



The witnesses of Hebrews 12, great cloud of scummy folk,

All anticipated heavens joys imputed, not revoked! (**)



I am scum but I am a child of God!  Please elucidate!

For if I should remain scum I may miss my date!



(*)  Romans 4:4, 8, 9

(**) Hebrews 11 and 12: 1-3



Sam Cox 01.20.04


Old man mentor had his pupils some 2,000 years ago.

What he taught them was wisdom, the only way to go.


Abraham and Moses had Jehovah, the very best.

Elisha had Elijah, many prophets passed the test.


The disciples, taught by Jesus, could not get much better!

Oh yes, Joshua had Moses, they went by the letter.


Paul had Gamaliel, taught law and philosophy.

Later, in the wilderness, God taught and that was free.


Paul mentored young Timothy, his son in the faith.

Many are still mentored into Christ’s saving grace!


Melancthon had Luther and both from Rome were led!

Following the Scripture by the Holy Spirit fed!


My parents were my mentors, they taught through early days,

To follow Christ, the Savior, in Holy Spirit ways.


And then The Lord took over.  I am Holy Spirit led.

His teaching will continue as daily I am fed!


He is leading me to heaven, I have faltered by the way,

But depending on His strength, I am led to perfect day!


Eternal in His glory my Mentor and my King,

By faith I, even now, can the song of victory sing!


It is not my win but Jesus, who saved me by His grace,

And died for me that soon I may look upon His face.


One look not near enough!  I will spend eternity

Basking in His Son-light because He mentored me!


My depression destroyer to reach that happy day

I keep looking to Jesus!  He led me all the way!



Sam Cox 09.04.03


Just a glance at the blue foreverness

Tells me that God lives on!

No beginning and will never end ever!

My faith established upon!



No signing signature needed there

The clouds are plain to see,

Like, more than a thousand feet out

But blue sky forever-ly!



But the depth of blue sky surely proving

No end!  Forever there!

As God is forever, “No beginning, no end.”

Nothing He cannot do!



He can despise and He can love!

Adam, Eve, Abraham, Samuel,

Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the rest,

All lived out their span.



God’s love forever!  Conditioned never!

Tears in Heaven?  Does God weep?

Surely does!  We read, “Jesus wept,”

For the lost He died to keep!



He suffered loss on hideous cross!

Though it was to our gain!

We die also, but will live forever!

When Christ returns again!



The life that we live now in the flesh,

We live by the faith of God!

Who died that we could live again!

In Heavenly Kingdom above!



With all redeemed, Born Again.

One time I hated His justice,

But now I know truly right!

And if He had not died and what if?



Among the lost souls all, everyone,

Took our sins on a cross!

Assumed penalty, Crucified!

Then believing I am not lost!



SAVED!  Oh, yes!  To the uttermost!

Bound for Heaven country,

Or City of God, do not care which!

Sure both up there I will see!



Live in everlastingly!



The Sam invites! 02.2014


Death surely not the end of my life!

Sure, a radical change is involved!

But the flesh alone deteriorates,

While the Spirit, Soul, revolves.



Continues, dig this, forevermore!

“Soul-sleep”?  Not  even close!

Future life is in the Spirit, Soul,

Die and you get a dose of the

Reality of living forevermore!

This is not inter-collegiate, no score.



All that I know is what Scripture tells,

Sure, it is the valid source!

The poor man died then had everything!

Knew Abraham, knew the Lord, of course!



But the rich guy, what a miserable wretch!

Sure, once had everything,

Except for that, yes, what really counted!

Where angels ever sing!



Now experienced sweating in the abyss!

“Please, oh please, a drop of water.”

But “That great gulf fixed”.  Could not be reached!

Terrible place of torture!



No!  Physical death!  No way the cessation

Of life!  Sure, we continue

Spirit, the real life surprised to be

Testing a brand new venue!



the Sam  10.3.10