No thought of God can ever be

As life changing as Calvary!

Of course, He made man and the process, too!

True love, sure, they know what to do!



God made that child a true miracle!

Cannot blame glands or a follicle!

A touch not merely compatible

Resulting in fingers prehensile!



Surely God loves us, contrastingly

Far above anything we can see!

And in the frame that He made us in,

Cannot be construed as sin!



Adam and Eve begat a Cain

Then an Able, later slain!

In sin we were conceived, yes, true,

But what is a person ever to do?



Jesus showed us that cross on a hill!

Sinners saved by Grace!  Truly his will!

“Conceived in Liberty,” true also!

Christian the liberty, we know!



In dedication to Calvary’s Cross

No, we can never suffer loss!

What God intended  multiply!

When sanctified by marriage, not a lie!



When sanctified above marriage vows,

Cannot be wrong, it is what God allows!

In fact, condones and multiplies!



What is the difference?  Let me explain.

A vow binds, means God is in the lane

Depending on Him to bless the home,

Says, you are not thinking of going alone.



Big difference between love and lust!

Sure, life-long commitment!

Not rust to dust!

When God is at center cannot go wrong!

Make Him your centerpiece!  Sing the song!



the Sam  02.25.12

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