One out of ten may enjoy poetry,

Maybe even less!

But you may know why,  why that would be

What I do the best!



Ever since my very first poem,

Accepted I have had the bug!

Even King David’s poetry, Psalms,

Not stuffed under the rug!



Sold billions of copies, in a Book,

Bible, you should know

Will sell even more until Jesus comes

Helps Christians to grow!



Millions have memorized Psalm 23

“My Shepherd…” God is near!

He leads, He feeds!  And satisfies!

What then have I to fear?



Millions take comfort, it is written,

“I will fear no evil!”

Your rod and staff comfort bring

Need not fear the devil!



Sure he tempts but he cannot force!

Christ’s table satisfies!

Better than Satan has to offer!

With his tempting lies!



What can be better than Heaven above?

Devil may promise joy,

Sure, the bilious kind ever ending with

Hangover to annoy!



And in the end, what promise have I?

Of satisfaction?  Hell!

Heaven alone, everlasting joy!

What else can ring my bell?



Or keep the bells of Heaven ringing!

It is so hard to conceive

Of a God who longs to have us

Home!  Cannot wait to receive!



Of course, the place He has prepared for us

So impossible to fathom

When God, like, passes a plate way beyond

Anything known,says, “have some”!



the Sam 01.17.12

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