“I Am the beginning and the end”

Just no other God around!

Created, made from nothing at all!

Who else then can be found?



In Turkey soldiers boarded our ship!

I feared them, looked so important.

Sure, and did we have something to hide?

Remembered my deportment!



Just 10 of age, I was frightened!

But my brother, Bill, seemed so calm!

His attitude no cause for fear!

Sure, no cause for alarm!



Somehow I wonder did this feeling

Contribute to the thought

Of course, the ridiculous fear

Their self-importance brought.



And so this thought of self-importance

Was it contributively

To the slang descriptive of one

Like, a stupid Turkey?



Gobble Gobble, of course, the sound,

Not natural.  Sounds laconic

Adhering to the natural sounding

Made by one ironic!



Did Christians sound silly about Heaven?

Or was it the whole bit?

Eternity?  Heaven or Hell,

Sinners just do not buy it!



Jesus said it, sure God came down

His claims of Majesty.

We can know this beyond any doubt.

The Word as certainty!



Will I think then in my Heavenly home

How could I have even wondered?

Surely Satan lowers the mists of doubt

In what God has thundered!



Are you ready?  My Brother?


the Sam

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