Whenever Jesus stretched His arms out

And shadow formed a cross.

Suppose He then considered that

One day He would suffer  loss?



And that day would mean salvation for

Every soul on earth?

Every soul believing, accepting

The Virgin birth.



Deity, The God incarnate, gift to

Sons of Adam all

Who would listen obeying Jesus’

Dying, Heavenly call!



Truly possible!  Jesus’ wisdom then

Amazed all the wise ones there

With knowledge well beyond His years,

Mere boy, but brilliant beyond compare.



Age 12 can we consider that

Dreaming, He spotted that hill?

A hill portending anything that

Could make His heart stand still?



With abject terror considering the possibility

Of one day suffering on that hill for sinners such as we!

Then later on a hill-top high, His heart cries out for all

Who did not love God, over all, who could hear the call?



To all sinners, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest!”

Many ways to travel through life.  My way is the best!

“True promise of Heaven, I give to all who follow Me;

I am making it possible, as I die on a cross tree!”



“I will become sin.  I will take it all,

Since wages of sin is death.

You need not die, believe this truth,

A promise of heavenly breath!”



The breath of Heaven, this alone

Can avail, since Adam’s fall.

As we have come short way, short of God’s Glory,

Surely applying to all!



Delight!  Be glad, for what we see

Beyond this veil of tears

A land of promise!  That supersedes all

Conquering all our fears!



the Sam, who—what am!  02.13.12

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