The price was paid so long ago,

Christ took the death for you!

Cruel death of the cross we contrived,

Just what else could He do?



Death for sins, all anticipated

Ever since man’s beginning,

In that fullness of times, deliberate!

His death for you containing!



This substitution had to take place!

Sure His love for sinful man!

“Wages of sin is death!”  The exchange, this

Only God can!

Such substitution has to be accomplished

God’s love for sinful man!



The repetition sure for effect!

Can such expression be

Ever vibrant enough to

Capture His love for me?



This accomplishment, price paid in full.

What further could be done?

Son of God, yes, man’s Creator,

To die for everyone!



“Wages of sin, sure, death!”  All have sinned!

Fallen way short of projection.

God’s projection for all men, in sin

Lost, torn from protection!



Only God, a God’s protection hand (love),

Could make Him deny

His holiness, so spotlessly pure

To this though, we comply.



The thought of assuming all men’s sins

Dying in sin for us.

Who never knew sin, spotless Lamb of

God!  And we from the dust!



“Dust to dust,”  of all mankind said,

But of the body alone

Imperishable the soul lives on

Always with Christ who  atones!




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