Need way more good thoughts less of the bad.

More of the happy!  Far less of the sad!

More about Heaven, of course, reaching high!

Air there is thin, but when Jesus is nigh.



Then purity of air and the breeze

Where beautiful flowers, tall as the trees,

Spread their fragrance throughout everywhere!

No need for artifacts, pretend to compare!



Perfumery needed beneath God’s domain!

To cover uncleanness, always the same,

Since Satan won, in that garden down there,

Only to lose our Heaven so fair!



Pure delight far above the sin land,

Where one can feel Satan’s heavy hand,

But no longer felt!  Sure, he is no more!

Cast out!  Unable to reach Heavens shore!



Delightful the living, no tempter around!

Deflated, defeated, and deep underground!

Satan forgotten!  Just Jesus abiding!

Goodness and joy forever confiding!



Forever!  If tired, of course, there is rest!

But with bodies glorified the very best

Is yet to come, when in spirit you fly

Transporting forever, just never die!



So have you considered just where and how?

Depends on whom or to what you kow-tow!

Stuff and things in Hell!  All together!

Down yonder with the best:  stormy weather!



If walking with Jesus, no need to fear!

Continue that joyous walk!  Ever near,

Just how can one lose?  Sure, lean on His arms!

Resting in Jesus, nothing alarms!



Sir Cox  –  the S. H.  1.11.12



Of course, I want to see Him!

Look upon His face!

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