Just what the Christ endured, there is no way to report!

As he dangled from that cross, just nails as His support!

Just think of it:  the agony, as pain turns to torture;

And torture keeps increasing with no way to departure.



No way to depart this life until death, descending,

Brings sweet relief to pain and the agony unending,

But six hours on that cross, no way to banish shame,

A few devoted followers recognize His pain.



They wept, Christ heard, and slowly His eyes turned to them.

Fixed on Mary and John, He tenderly spoke to them.

He saw the jeering crowd, His eyes then looked upward,

He prayed, “Father, forgive them.” But they heard not a word!



Was there no way to block out the shame, the agony?

Was there no way to tell them, He came to set them free?

Free from death eternal separation from God!

I am taking their sins on Me, their sorrows, oh Lord!



He died, was buried but death was not the victor.

He died.  His body free, forever free from torture!

The tomb could not hold Him.  A brilliant burst of light!

Fear engulfs the soldiers, who awake to noonday bright!



His enemy who tempted and mocked Him, shrank in fear.

A smile curled Jesus’ lips and He said, “Now disappear!”

Celebration forthcoming, He spoke, “Mary, I am alive.”

To five hundred other witnesses, He smiled, “Yes, you will survive.”



And then some!



Sam Cox 04.04

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