I am not bound by ancestral spirits,

To do as my forefathers did!

While allowing for similarities,

Animalism is not my bid.



While ‘bearing one another’s burdens’

I am obliged to ‘bear my own.’

To each his own, responsible

I am to occupy my own throne.



I do not inherit my father’s traits.

I am a poet, he is not!

He had a way with words, in speech.

Eloquence I have not got!



Consensually I sin, he did too.

“All have sinned and come short

Of the Glory of God.”  So far away,

We are tempted sometimes to abort!



But what I do he is not responsible.

He has his own thing to do!

His son does not have to do as he does.

He is accountable, too!



Contractually I am as far away

Or near to my Father above.

As near has everything to do with

And how we receive His love!



My grandfather did not receive His love.

My father did, so did I!

Do not you think our Father in Heaven knows

Who His child is and also, why?



Sam Cox (is not the judge) 04.04.04

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