Before we went to India, God loved us.

Before we said “yes”, the same.

Before we were saved His stamp was on us.

Before birth, he knew my name!



Before I cursed Him, He knew about it!

When I took His Name in vain.

But He bore me up when my legs failed me,

Carried me when I went lame.



Too independent I recognized Him not,

Thought God was my will, thought I knew

That I could live, thrive, without His care,

Never knew what I would go through.



Perpendicular the cliff that I clung to,

God got me down, protected me,

Bullets whizzing by, shell fragments missing,

Protection clear, I could not see.



But now, in retrospect, I see all clearly

His Hand so gently leading on!

I long now to thank Him and to worship!

Stay at His feet through heaven’s song.



No need to wait till then, I now bow humbly

And worship at His mercy seat!

And when I do, I now can see them clearly,

In worship, nail scars in His feet!



I saw His Hands, they too bore the nail scars.

I felt Him place them on my head!

“I could never let you go,” He said.  “I promised

Because of you, my blood was shed.”



Sam Cox 03.29.04

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