The chopping block, the guillotine,

The noose, electric chair,

The burning at the stake.  There

Was nothing to compare—



To the torture of the cross, with

Its nails, its constant pain.

Six hours plus, of torture, like,

Over and over again.



Did he have to take the punishment?

Or die on strangling breath?

(The consequence of death, of course,

“Sin’s wages,” you know, death!)



Of course He had to die (in sin)

Not His but yours and mine! (*)

The substitutionary work

Could only be Divine!



Deity, the cross of shame, (**)

What more could any ask?

He took the torture and the shame.

Now we can have a blast?



No!  Believe on Him!  Requirement!

What more could man desire?

Well, Satan too, believes on Him

And he is consigned to fire!



Believe and accept!  Rejoice in Him!

You cannot less acclaim!

How can you not rejoice, be glad?

He took your sin and shame!






(*)  He was sinless!

(**) Not just the pain, the shame!



Sam Cox 03.10.04

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