I have seen Him in His glory,

Without diadem.

Filled the horizon, He came

Down not to condemn.



Face grew smaller as He came,

Silently so clear!

Clearer still as face to face,

Smiled!  I felt no fear!



Uncommon, sure, Son of God!

The Face!  Then He smiled!

Jesus!  And His countenance

Seeing me undefiled!



Determining a passion for children,

Children that He made!

A sheer joy exuding from His

Face, not stiff nor staid!



Joyful!  Glad!  Near like a child!

Like, want to play a game?

Not like One crucified,

Not like one crucified in shame!



But then as though recalling

A saddened look compiled

And sorrowing, expressing, despairing,

As though by sin defiled.



Remembering the sins of all

The world called to bare.

Heavy laden so sorrowful!

Tempted to despair!



I must!  This!  All the sins of all

This world contained

In this body, heart of mine,

By Father disdained!



Foreordained as I die!

Most hideous!  Inspired

By doomed enemy of my soul,

Who from the start desired–



Doom of all and me, His worst

Foe, once Arc Angel

Over all the Angelic Host

Cannot untangle!



the tangled Sam (day after Christmas)

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