Jesus, the very thought of you eliminates all fear!

Fact that I can call Your name and I am drawn ever near!



Draw me much nearer now I pray.

Let me abide in You!

But now can this be possible?

Sure, there’s nothing You cannot do!



Came to us a tiny baby.  Grew-up with hammer and nails.

A carpenter in learning daily to fix and make a trail.



Only trail to Heaven and home,

Maker of stars and worlds!

One way to go and not alone!

Believing it all unfurls!



Believe accepting God as King!

And can this ever be?

Creator of everything that is!

Worlds and eternity!



Tiny snail, house on its back.

Limitless space  out there!

Never ending.  On forever!

With countless flowers so fair!



Yet You came baby Bethlehem!

Spurned, kicked, about healed all.

Raised a dead man!  Will raise many more!

All who ‘on Your name call’!



Planets, stars just try counting them,

Impossible numberless!

Endless continuing and time:  no end!

True:  speechless I confess!



And I call Him friend and I am living still!

Creator, lover of souls.

Maker of worlds, Maker my God!

Everything He controls!



Yes, He loves even me!  the Sam


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