Daydreaming of heaven, sure that is what I do.

True confession so then, what else is new?

My ninety-three years tells me that I am so close!

And ever so often there comes along a much bigger dose–



Of longing for God’s abode!  Sure, what is it like?

Will God preach to us?  Wonder, will He require a mike?

Then will angels take us to all orbs around?

Until we are accustomed to sights and sounds!



Endless space and time, of course, always forever!

Limiting walls surrounding us.  Of course not!  Never!

Sure, He was speaking, creating for us,

Even though we were once nothing but dust!



His creation, of course, we are important!

Actions, though times of evil deportment!

But forgiveness avails!  Look up and see!

On that hill far away, sure, it is  Calvary!



But then, how can we ever hope to compare?

What is up there against what we have down here!

Imagination so boundless, but, sure, just give it up!

Cannot compare to what is in that cup!



Until we pull ourselves up to behold!

That City of God, sure, compare it to gold!

Rubies and diamonds, we will just wait and see!

No, there’s something special waiting for me!



And something special for you, as looking out

Over those hills, soon you will hear a loud shout!

The King is coming, the shout surely you hear!

Distinctly rapturously, yes, He will appear!



the Sam 01.06.12

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