When we finally learn to love Him as we fear Him,

When we recognize the fatherhood of God,

A Father who taught fathers how to cherish

The children reaching up to be adored.



When we graduate from fearing Him to loving,

The fearing turns to awe of His great power,

We never lose the sense of His provision

His awesome love and grace we have each hour!



Who, just who can have this confidence within him?

He whose sins have all been nailed up to that cross!

We who placed our sins upon the Savior dying

Believing that for all He suffered loss!



Believing that the all is whosoever,

The whosoever includes even me!

That all my sins were taken by the Savior

To be forever transferered to that tree.



I cannot deny the work that He did for me.

I cannot deny the changes made within!

Nor can I ever doubt the promise given

Of forgiveness and pardon from my sin!



Another promise also He has given

I need not fear sins wages anymore! (1)

The gift of everlasting life is given

The promise of sheer joy on heaven’s shore.



Oh God, I know that you know I am not worthy,

But because of love You had to die!

Even though the ones You loved all got together

To hate You and reject then crucify! (2)



(1) Romans 6:23

(2) John 1:11



Sam Cox 04.09.03

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