My heart, spirit, my  everything

Longing soul cries out

To my Maker, Lord, and my King,

What is this life all about?



Just why did you make us?  Why, why?

Surely You knew we would sin!

Capricious, You are not!  Life of strife

Could never salvation win!



Winning nothing.   You had to die!

Proof of Your love that is it!

Knowing consequence You would die!

Sin’s wages You assumed it!



Everything known before it occurred

And that’s what omniscience means!

Perfect in knowledge, everything known!

Surely this is what  it seems!



We created free moral agents

The meaning I, I can decide,

Sure, where I spend the Eternal Life.

That Deity contrived!



Meaning, the choice is mine complete!

I decide my own fate!

As Judge sits in His Judgment seat.

I come early or late!



Sure late it is assumption correct!

Too late to say, I am sorry?

But who can tell where God is concerned?

So I missed the trolley.



But God was a mind.  Mind of minds!

Nothing improbable!

Thinking worlds!  Into existence!

So what  could be impossible?



He has to love with our love in return

While His love is consummate.

Desires same but cannot be controlled,

Though it some early or late!



That thief on a cross, “Remember me…”

Nothing halfhearted there.

His love, just now articulate!

Can anyone’s love compare?



Thief on that cross “Remember me…” when

What more was needed?

Compassion only Christ’s love in

His death conceded!



His love made Him do it!



the Sam  12.19.11

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