Adam and Eve in the Garden, yes, they did surely die!

True, they lived on for centuries, that in the Eternal eye,


Was a mere drop in a bucket; it was not even a day. (*)

The Bible says that a thousand years, in God’s sight, is but a day!


Man would have lived on forever!  One grain of sand by the sea

Could never begin to measure up or fit the analogy!


Infinity is the measure of space, space that has no end.

Just as eternity goes on and on and is hard to comprehend!


The angels are not eternal for they were created, too.

The angels are everlasting just the same as me and you!


Yes, man will live forever and where?  That depends on his aim!

If he cares not about heaven his future?  Oh, what a shame!


The Godhead, blessed Trinity, the matchless Three in One

Cooperated together and the universe was begun!


Yes, begun, for creation continues a world that has no end!

Can man confine the Eternal?  No, he will neither break or bend.


Who cannot confine the Eternal?  Do not you know He died long ago?

When God dies, we die too.  Who keeps us going?  Surely you know!


Our Eternal God, in infinity, impossible to trace!

So what really does keep us spinning?  Only His love and grace!


Consider the brain, so intricate, only God’s love could inspire!

Our brain is a miniscule fraction yet we presume to conspire!


Give up?  Nothing like this could evolve or start from whatever they say.

The suns, worlds in perfect control through time, like, night and day!


Now a glance at division of time, was God involved in this too?

Before Christ and after, Anno Domini, infinite and true! (**)



(*)  2 Peter 3:8

(**) The Year of The Lord



Sam Cox 03.15.04

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