Do you ever wonder, your thought expand in awe,

That the tiniest creation that centipede you saw,


That blasting sound of thunder that jolts you up in fright!

The steady sound of crickets that lull you in the night.


The living, lively voices that never seem to sleep,

That bull frog in the swampland with voice so rough and deep.


Ever stop consider the intricate design

The nerves, the blood bone structure so obviously divine!


Continuing this process, the tiniest of cells

The enzymes they produce; to tell us all is well.


What you cannot see that established well being

A confluence of streams in action without seeing.


The simple act of breathing; simple?  No!  Complex!

We cannot comprehend it!  Eliminate pretext!


Understanding, comprehending, only the Creator

Whose breath entered the clay.  Can anything be greater?


Could Darwin explain it?  He gave up near his death

Denouncing natural causes with his waning breath.


Many the dead planets that still keep spinning around

God’s perpetual motion so basic and so sound!


We too, will keep on spinning, eternity so fair! (*)

From mortal to immortal.  We will see the cause up there!



(*) Only God is eternal.  All man can boast is everlasting.



Sam Cox 03.04.04

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