A renegade, want is my crown?

A maverick all my life!

Deserve no crown of righteousness!

My past is filled with strife!



A renegade, I have trampled on

So many, the line I have crossed.

Considering past policy

I have labored but I have lost!



I have hurt!  I have trampled, tread upon.

I have scoffed nor turned in shame!

Though inadvertent often times

I know I am to blame!



Contributing very little,

In shame I soon must face

Creator, Maker of all things.

Could I but count on grace?



Thank God I can!  This is my plea!

Though underserving, know

Though nothing in my hand I bring

No crown or wealth to show.



No accolated, no praise adorns

My life is what it seems.

Deserving?  No!  Accepting?  Yes!

Grace, that is what it means!



Sam Cox 03.01.04

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