I do not think that God drives a Cadillac. (*)

And Chryslers are quite scarce up there.

While the angels do not live in palaces

They manage to look tidy, clean, and fair.



Though things on earth do not seem applicable,

Angels can adjust, I know it is true.

I saw the white, I felt their hands though lightly.

I just relaxed, nothing left to do.



The moment I gave up with both legs dying,

My hands three inches from the ground,

I was lifted, carried, and I thanked them.

But there were no “Jump Masters” around.



“Jump Masters carried you?  No!  I do not think so.”

“You flew in alone and clobbered me!”

I then came to the most natural assumption;

Hands felt real and white all I could see.



I actually was carried by those angels!

Obvious reality assumed!

Reality?  But angels are just spirits!

Perhaps I am not spiritually attuned!



A cool breeze blows, we assume just happened.

Or were a host of angels flying by?

I do believe they are real and we will be like them!

Angels been around, they never die!



So what we have here is a dimension,

A dimension of the spirit, not unknown!

Believed in and accepted unrestrictive!

We will fly with them nevermore alone!



(*) Me?  I cannot even spell it!



Sam Cox 01.16.04

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