Since I am losing my sight and my hearing

And I am older than Adam and Eve,

I do not know, anymore, what I am good for

For certain I am not going to grieve.



I have forgotten where it is I come from

But where I am going I know well!

I can hear the voice of God, a mere whisper,

I do not need a clanging dinner bell!



So what did God say?  He said, “Keep writing!”

Same thing I always feel He says.

Not that He says it, like, audibly,

Just a couple of times I confess.



Well, how can I know when God is speaking?

Or how can I recognize His voice?

I know I want to do what I am doing

So I figure it seems I have no choice.



If I just wrote crazy stuff I would wonder

But I write what God puts on my heart!

And some tell me that it is a blessing

So what it is I do not need a cart.



I do not need a cart full of ‘thank you’s’

Just to realize I am doing God’s will.

For this is the talent that He gave me

And someday I will send you a bill!



Sam Cox 03.03.04

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