I love the wild abandoned feel of freedom.

Who does not?  I guess it is fair to ask,

But seems to me we like to be tethered

To most things, including daily tasks.



The daily task of being a bread winner

That usually requires a car.

Insurance and most usually, smog testing,

Without upkeep cannot get very far.



We are tethered to house payments, utilities,

And to pleasure; we have our fun!

Then there is not much left that we are not tethered to.

The worry lines dig deep when day is done.



We tether the dog when we go walking.

He likes the feeling of security!

While I am not a pet, God is my Father

And I do feel secure when He is with me.



When I am tethered to God all else is freedom

And I love the freedom that I can feel!

Has He not promised to take care of me?

There you have it!  It is a done deal!



Sam Cox 02.27.04

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