Lord, I am sagging, stooping, stiffening

Need your help to just get on.

“As thy days so shall thy strength be.”

Just what I need to lean upon!



Look, you will see it, that bright city

Do not need volts or watts or amps.

It is brightness we will get used to

Never need to light the lamps.



Milk the cows, feed the horse,

Get a move on!  Shake a leg!

Them that do not work do not eat either

Out on the street, learn to beg!



Do not have to come to attention or

Sleep in water all night long!

Running, dodging twanging bullets

Listening to their fearsome song!



Now another song I am hearing

As I near that final shore.

Lovely blending harmonizing

Think I have heard that blend before!



Anniversary fiftieth!

This I will hear in heaven when

My three children, one rare moment,

Repeat performance once again!



Sam Cox 01.27.04

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