A lot of good work involved in

Titanic number two

Compared to the first one

Much bigger, better, too!



Yes, it floats and they boasted of

Titanic number one;

“Unsinkable!”  But it sank

Before the cruise was done!



Just what to say this, that

Good works cannot prepare

Anyone for heaven our

Good works cannot get us there!



Just faith in God’s grace

That is all the works I need!

I bask in His love and

“In green pastures feed!”



I have done nothing of real worth

Just love and live and bask

But when God gives inspiration

I consider it my task–



To produce from inspiration

And glorify His name,

It is because I truly love Him.

Do not want riches or fame!



And when I get to heaven (*)

I will fall down at His feet

And bask in love and mercy

His great sacrifice complete!



(*) Think I am being presumptuous?  Think the thief on the cross was, also?

Think you deserve heaven?  Think again!  I will pray for you!



Sam Cox 01.04

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