I do not quite know what is happening

But then I do not much care,

Because as I dwindle down with age

The will to care is not there.



It is probably a good thing

To be insensitive,

You are less inclined to worry about

How long you have got to live.



Of course, you have got to worry some,

What else you got to do?

I cannot climb trees no more

It hurts to tie a shoe.



I am going home, it will not be long.

That effervescent glow

Reflecting from my shining down

Contends I want to go!



“Well, where you all going?” you ask.

And I say, “Where do you think?”

I much prefer my heavenly home

To that infernal stink!



“What makes you think you have a choice?”

“Not think, my friend, I know.

I am prepared for heaven’s domain!

The Bible tells me so!”



If you believe in Christ, God’s Son;

Confess your sins and pray,

You too can have this confidence

To hear the Savior say:



“You may enter ransomed child,

It is nothing that you have done.

I died for you!  I paid sin’s price,

So welcome home, my son!”



Sam Cox 01.04

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