Man builds steeples, tall skyscrapers,

Structures great for all to see.

Bridges spanning mighty rivers

But God alone can build a tree!



Concentrating on the mighty!

Cathedrals, obelisks that tower,

Pull sights down to the flighty

Only God can build a flower!



Could it be that man keeps reaching

For the sky to prove that he

Above all else is still almighty

But can that man build a sea?



Man builds cars, tanks, and cannons,

Smart bombs, dumb bombs, on and on

God just shakes His head and murmurs

“I made earth man builds upon!”



Man in rage thinks, “Let us destroy it,”

God in love looks down on me.

Cannot you see?  He did it for us!

Only God would make a tree!



Sam Cox 01.02.04

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