God’s thoughts are so much higher

Than the thoughts that we devise.

The finite brain cannot comprehend

The infinite in size.



The scope or the length and breadth

Of anything we see

Not even the same ballpark

That appeals to you and me.



We pursue the things that fade.

God plans on what endures.

We only see the perishing

While God new life insures!



Preserve the body, that is man’s aim.

God says, “Save the soul!”

For it is immortal and its scope

Is within God’s control. (*)



Man works to save mortality.

God’s interest is to see

That every soul on earth has equal




To measure up to God’s design,

To receive His love and grace,

To follow in His footsteps,

And, someday, see His face!



(*) Everything is under Him.



“Face to Face I shall behold Him.”



Sam Cox

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