PARADISE IS (II Corinthians 12:4)

I have no charge from God to keep silent

Over things apocalyptic by device.

No vision from God of the future

As had Paul of third heaven, paradise.



So why is it considered ludicrous

To contemplate imaginatively

The joys God has planned for His beloved?

Fantastic joys for you and for me.



We are to comfort one another with these words,

Words about our future God has planned.

Many mansions, so do not be troubled

And positions for many to command. (1)



Considering the wide open spaces,

(I do not mean deep in the heart of…)

Desert land?  Not nearly space enough!

But galaxies God’s space up above!



Ridiculous?  No!  I do not think so!

Ridiculous it is to assume

That every orb that God put out there

Is as dead as Mars or the moon!



So why is it thought of as peculiar

Assuming live planets, out in space?

Did God create voids unpredictably?

Not a chance, considering His grace!



He is gracious!  He is loving and almighty!

And He said, “I go to prepare…” (2)

In His house we are told, “Are many mansions,”

And by God’s grace there is one for me there!



(1) “   ruler over many…”

(2) John 14



Sam Cox

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