You brought me out of a killing zone

When I deserved to die.

From the pit of hell You rescued me

I cannot help wondering why.



But when you said, Your love was true,

I think you meant it well.

For out of hells swirling, moaning throng

You brought me up to dwell!



To dwell on a higher living plane,

Now free from sordid sins.

Yet, pride is sinful and dwelling there

The light of life bedims.



So now I am still sinful and knowing this

I cringe until I see

That what I owe to God is myself,

My living destiny! (*)



Worship means thanks from the undeserving

A thanks that will not be stilled,

From delivered to the deliverer!

From the filler to the filled!



Now, that is worship!



(*) Romans 12:1-2



Sam Cox 11.14.03

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