God wants to be your dwelling place,

Not a topic to discuss,

Your Good Shepherd to protect you

Or would you rather fuss?



About His many attributes

Not knowing Him as King,

While tearing Trinity apart

To treat it as a thing.



He prepares a feast for you,

A banquet in His name,

A contributory factor to

Worship and acclaim.



Not a topic for discussion

To wit; a seminar

Where everything is brought to show

His blessings from afar. (*)



You may draw closer to Him, like,

Abiding in His home.

As “He leads you in green pastures”

You will “Never walk alone.”



You are here in His presence

Now “Led in righteousness,”

I am “Led beside still waters…”

And I will settle for no less!



(*) As in conflict with close to Him, some folk cannot stand that.



Sam Cox 01.07.04

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