We sing of the cleansing blood of Jesus,

Many hymns proclaiming its worth.

It is not just the death of our Savior and

Not just His miraculous birth!



It is more, so much more, just think about it.

What is the Passover all about?

The blood of a perfect lamb was sprinkled

Or Israel would be lost without!



“Behold the Lamb of God,” the Baptist thundered!

The significance was plain to see,

The blood of the Lamb, God’s Lamb, was needed

Desperately for you and for me!



The scarlet thread still weaves through the pages

Of God’s Book, this Book of Life we know.

It is the blood of Christ that bestows life!

It cleanses and “washes white as snow”.



Why is His blood so indispensable?

And why no remission for sin?

“Without the shedding of His perfect blood”?

Because there is no life within!



Life is in the blood!  We must surely know!

But that life died with Adam’s fall!

A fresh transfusion necessity

Of Christ’s blood prescribed for all.



Just the blood of Jesus, God’s perfect Son,

The blood man possessed originally

Before his fall from grace, respecting man,

The blood God shed for you and me!



The only way we could be made perfect

Through that ‘Perfect Blood’ God shed that day.

So that is why a transfusion is required

And cleansing in God’s perfect way!



Sam Cox 01.04

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