Heaven gets closer as time rushes by.

From God’s perspective a blink of the eye.

We will wonder then what happened to earth,

That land of sadness of gladness of mirth!



A flicker, a flutter, a vapor, a mist,

A cold wintery morning, an orange sun kissed,

By God’s permission a dream in the night,

The serpent that hisses, and wakes us in fright!



Permitted a testing the choice is still yours,

Between the good and the bad that allures.

The choice has been made, it is all in the past.

Happiness reigns now in heaven at last!



The dream is fulfilled the dark night is over!

Never again the hissing, the roar

Of the serpent, banished from heaven’s domain,

And we in God’s presence forever remain!



(Cannot help it, “things of earth grow strangely dim”

When faced with eternity, not that I am holier, but

face it, I am older thus closer to that wigwam in the sky,

or tent or cottage, whatever, I just want to get there.)



Sam Cox 12.01.03

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