Jesus is all, he is everything to me.

He threaded me through hardships in the past.

The present is perfect because he lives within.

In spite of added hardships, this will last.



Jesus is all and in all, you have heard.

It is possible, he lives where there is sin.

Sin He became when He took upon Himself,

Your sin and mine, and cleansed within.



Nothing we have done to merit or deserve

Matchless mercy or His grace.

Totally free because He loves us so!

Justified, forgiven every trace!



Imputation, like, Jesus took it all!

His righteousness conferred upon you.

Redeemed, justified, adoption is complete!

Child of God, now what do I do?



I will live as His Son, grateful.  Oh, so glad

That He followed until He captured me!

The pain and the shame that he took on that cross.

I know only God could make that tree!



Of any tree but especially that tree!



Sam Cox 10.20.03

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