I am not a sissy nor am I a fruit cake,

Just a poet and that is all I am.

You have heard of David, Kipling, and Edgar Allen,

Now you have heard from little ole Sam.



So what does it take to convince you that

This is a legitimate cause?

“Nobody does it.  Do not make no money.”

Well, I think that should give you pause.



To consider other poets, like, say David.

Was he ever rolling in cash?

Not until he was the king of Israel.

Could he boast of any kind of stash?



So who cares anyway?  “The love of money…”

Will get you nowhere in the end.

Especially when that pot of gold stares at you,

But you are too stiff to even bend!



Just could be I am doing good with my stuff,

Just writing and letting it lay.

Then someone may bend and even pick it up.

Our doughs no good in heaven, anyway!



Sam did it 12.29.03

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