I am leaving this world; I am going home!

A change must first take place

Whether dust to dust or to ashes. (*)

There is nothing left to trace.



Man cannot always salvage,

Recycle, or amend.

All he can dare is say a prayer

Then to the hereafter send!



Which, of course, is really nothing

For man has not the say.

God alone can read the timer

That tells us yea or nay.



So when the yea comes time I will sing,

I will belt it out for real!

I will sing “Hallelujah glory,”

For that is how I will feel!



The laughing angels gathering

Will sing along with me.

Of course, they know the song by heart

Whatever it will be!



The Savior hears our song and smiles;

Another saint has come.

How precious in my sight they are

I love them every one!



Like, you are either a saint or you ain’t!



(*) Sorry DNA excluded.



Sam Cox 01.8.04

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