I see Him in your Jonathan

As He picks scraps from the floor.

I follow and He fills my hand

Until there is no more.



I drop some specks here and there

So He will have more to do.

But when He catches on to this

That killer smile comes through.



I see Him as He sneezes and

Coughs just like the others

And later as He helps with

His sisters and His brothers.



A black eye decorates His face.

He comes home slightly troubled,

As though anticipating more

As to manhood He struggles.



He is growing up.  The eyes of girls

Follow Him around.

A higher calling, seeing now,

That He is not earthbound.



But back to Jonathan, the friend,

He too will realize

That what He is looking for, you know,

Is a much higher prize.



He has a servant’s heart, I feel,

A heart that says, “I will follow

God where ever He leads,

To do His perfect will.”



Sam Cox 12.28.03

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