I am not weeping, I am not crying,

I will be leaving when I am dying.

Because I am heading for that mansion in the sky.

But it makes no difference really,

A mansion or a shade tree

Or a planet to which I could fly.

I do not really need a shade tree

Because the weather is always healthy,

And like angels we are immune anyhow.

We are immune to the sneezing,

We are immune to the freezing,

And there will never be no sweat on my brow.

So I am happy and rejoicing

For that city, never noisome.

It will grow as the saints come marching in

Where the Savior is the light

In that city always bright!

The only sound we will hear is angels singing.

Can you dig it?  What a dreamland!

No more drums in that great band

And the only rap you will hear comes from below.

But you will not have to hear it

Nor will you have to fear it

For they that are below, stay below.

No more crying, no more dying,

And we will never hear no sighing.

There is no sickness or no death on that fair shore.

Thousand years will be like nothing

And up there will not hear no fussing

Just joy and peace and fun forevermore!

There will be work to do.  Do not sweat it

Never tired so do not fret it.

Will not need sleep just 20 hours of fun, fun, fun!

Then the other four or seven

Well, you know, the choir in heaven

We will be singing to the Savior evermore!



Sam Cox 04.17.04

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