No you cannot afford to miss it!  Do not you know forevermore?

Life eternal!  We are immortal!  Cannot take stuff to that fair shore!


Some folk striving to be better, got to earn my way up there!

We cannot earn it!  Do not deserve it!  Got to go up and get my share!


Never happen!  You cannot make it; your own righteousness will not do.

Work, work, work, and work some more.  “Not of works,” His Word is true!


All my goodness, righteousness, filthy rags.  The Bibles call!

I am better man than you are!  Well, okay but watch him fall.


Cannot you get it through your noggin?  “Not of works lest we boast.”

Jesus paid sins debt completely so you do not end up toast!


All you need to do is believe it and then gratefully accept!

Alternative?  Keep on striving, grace and mercy then reject.


No my friend, you cannot afford it.  On your own you cannot depend.

Come to Jesus sins confessing!  Without Him you cannot contend!


Many years I tried to earn it, tried to work my way to God.

Dismal failure!  Could not cut it until I cried, “Please help me, Lord!”


He is my Savior!  Daily helper now I must “Abide in Him.” (*)

“Abide in Him” in Him continue!  Yes, it is possible to sin.


Provision has been made for victory but we must confess that sin. (**)

He is faithful to forgive us and we then may enter in.


Renewed fellowship with Jesus until we see Him face to face.

Then we shall be like Him in forgiveness, mercy, love, and grace.


No, I did not have all the answers but I know who I believe.

This I know, my Lord is risen and His Grace I now receive.


Stop, Stop, Stop striving to be good!  Just abide, “Abide in Him!”

He will lead you to perfection.  Do not give up, “Abide in Him!”



(*) John 15:4-6 and 10, I John 2:24, 27-28

(**) I John 1:9 read verses 6-10



Sam Cox 04.15.04

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