I slept last night where Jesus slept,

My back against the wall.

Humanity passed by all night

I could not sleep at all!



Disciples slept the sound of sleep

Hung heavy in the air.

The pressures of the day recalled

The need for slumber there.



But Jesus does He not convey

A superhuman need?

A driving force He cannot shrug

To banish sin and greed?



He is very old obeying thus

The need to sacrifice

Himself upon a cross of shame

To banish sin and vice.



He is Very Man in weakness shown

Cries out!  In His despair

“Why must I drink this cup of sin?”

Let Satan take the dare!



“You are the spotless Lamb of God

Not one is without sin.

As sinless You must take man’s sin

To death without, within.”



As Very God and Very Man

The Father “hid His face,”

From sin the substitute His Son

Demonstrating thus His Grace.



So by His Grace alone we are saved (*)

Not works!  He did it all!

As Very Man sins sacrifice

On Very God we call!



(*) Ephesians 2:8-9



Sam Cox 04.10.04

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