Constellations, galaxies, the universe explore!

The speed of thought takes me there a planet I deplore!

Five other saints accompany me, like angels, we are as one.

We get together comparing notes when the day is done.



But do not doze while others sleep we wander through each camp.

Deplorable conditions one can feel the grass is damp.

What to do, we have got to show them somehow how to live!

Babies cry, we have got to teach them what the ground can give!



One angel dives, puts a kerchief on a baby’s nose.

Mother stares then takes the cloth to stop the sinus flow.

She looks around a blanket settles on the two of them.

Mother sighs, she wonders where?  But she does not contend.



Seeds they scatter everywhere fruit trees all around.

Some of the fruit is edible which everywhere abound!

Fruit they gather place beside the snoring companies.

Fruit is found, taste, compare with the growing trees.



Trees are nurtured, seeds are planted where ever space is found.

An angel dropped a tissue and a blanket on the ground.

Another one had spread some seeds, the growth was garden greens.

“I think the life span here has stretched to fifty,” so it seems.



Perhaps our job here is done for now.  Should we return and see?

I miss God’s loving smile.  Yes, let us see what it will be.

What?  Oh project!  Yes, perhaps some realm out there will requires

Our expertise, like, growing things new life to inspire!



So life goes on eternally from sphere to shining sphere.



Sam Cox 03.13.04

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