“Wrap the drapery of his couch about him,” how about a body bag?

“Lie down to pleasant dreams down there,” or watch that body sag. (*)


Forget all that corruption!  All dust to dust will turn.

May pipe some music to that grave, good listening while you burn!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.  What difference will it make?

God puts it all together again almost like shake-n-bake.


God made us and He can unmake, like, throw away some stars.

Whole bunch of unmanned planets, too, like, Mercury and Mars!


Is there a purpose in all this?  Who knows?  I know God knows!

Tsunami power can destroy!  As can the wind that blows.


Whole lot of fire down below!  A lot of gas and heat.

Mount Saint Helens and Vesuvius both prove that is hard to beat!


So can we trust our God to save?  Provision has been made!

You cannot hack it be yourself, good works will not make the grade.


Salvation is by faith alone and absolutely free!

Christ made provision on that cross!  His blood now cleanses me!


What more can simple pilgrims ask?  Lie down to pleasant dreams?

That dream may last a second, you will wake up realities!


So real you will never give a thought to what transpired before!

So real we will not have thoughts to waste on skies or walls or floor!


So real we will recognize each face though ageless we will be.

And visit?  Time will be no more, just everlastingly!



(*) Some lines from Thanatopsis.



Sam Cox 04.04.03

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