Been there, done that, what else is there?

Is there more?  I really do not care!


Seen enough to know I have had it!

This life stinks though many like it.


Take a good look all about you

Real bad stuff!  Can do without you!


What?  Find a cave and hibernate?

Let all out there, inebriate! (1)


The world to hell is going fast,

I just do not see how it can last!


I just do not see, oh, now I see!

Loving eyes look down on me!


Those eyes say, “Come, I will give you rest.” (2)

Get in on the very best!


The best of life awaits you here,

New life complete and free from fear.


“Come unto Me,” do not hesitate!

I offer life!  Why do you wait?


This life receive now joyfully!

From sin and self you now are free!


You are free to take a revised view

Of those despised who lived around you.


The rottenness that you despised

You mirrored.  Now you realize


That sin is sin!  That is why Christ died,

He took your sins, was crucified. (3)


“My life to you I now impart (4)

To love the lost, to have a part,


In kingdom building, to set free

The once despised you will bring to Me!”


“Is this not better than the cave

A hermitage, yourself a slave,


To pamper self and judge all others?

Now realize they are your brothers!


Prospective, that is, bring them in!

Endure?  No!  Love them from their sin!”



(1) Get drunk, have a fling

(2) Matthew 11:28

(3) If they had not crucified Him, He would have found someone

else to nail Him to that cross.  That is how much He loves you!

(4) Jesus speaking!  Listen to Him.  In your heart He wants in!



Sam Cox 05.30.03

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