Perhaps I am overbearing with

My poetry and stuff,

But I have got to keep it flowing

Until the Master says “Enough!”



This is His will for me, you know.

It is something I must do!

A simple gift from Him to me

I must pass on to you!



“Neglect not your gift…” He said.

These words to Timothy (1)

Neglect it not!  Despise it not,

And this applies to me.



What is more, I am to stir it up!

Encourage it and then (2)

I just cannot let it lay around

Must share it with my friend! (3)



“What is in all this for you?” you ask.

“You will soon be dead and gone.” (4)

Exactly!  Now you know my task

If Jesus tarries long!



(1) I Timothy 4:14

(2) II Timothy 1:6

(3) Friends, relatives, enemies…

(4) In heaven then my kids, grandkids and great grands

just may get a blessing (or laugh) out of my gift.



Sam Cox, grandpa 05.19.03

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